Kayo Hustle – Break it Down (2019)

Hi there!
Usually I am listening to the metal or electronic music. But sometimes my brain wanting to hear some good hip-hop sh*t. For those cases I have my hip-hop playlist…but sometimes I want to hear something new, then I can spend a few hours only to find something I like 🙂

Today one of those days when my wanting fit the situation! I wanted some good hip-hop and I got it! Kay Hustle is in da house with his track “Break It Down”. He’s from San Diego, California, United States. First of all, track has that incredibly viral beat and melody. Also, there’s good voice and flow (which is very important in this kind of music). Track is pumping and provoke you to listen to it again and again. If I would have a big car, I definitely turn on this track and drive a few circles around my district 🙂 Long story short — you just should check this out right now.