Heroarky – Magnolia (2019)

Hi there!
Some time ago I posted this producer here and today I am excited to post fresh track by him. You can check it following lonk below the text.

As you know (or if you don’t know), I don’t like to describe the music and type a lot of words here (because music is for listening). But today I am totally stuck! If in other cases I can say something about the track and trying to describe my feelings, then this time I can’t. Why? Because this music is fuc*ing perfect! I’ve listened to it for 10 times already and I just have no idea of what can I say… Well, I can say something like: “Track is good produced and has pleasant atmosphere”. But who cares? It’s just good stuff and this is self-sufficient information. If you want, you can try to describe your feelings by yourself, ’cause my feelings are busy by this music right now.

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