GIVE UP TO FAILURE – All I Wanted (2019)

Hi there!
New week started, new music is coming… Well, maybe somebody of you has the same mood as I do right now, then this track will perfectly fit for you.

The song si called “All I Wanted”. Performed by GIVE UP TO FAILURE – shoegaze / psot-rock band from Wrocław, Poland. Everything in this song is blurred (it’s only in a good way, because I like it a lot). Heavy guitars with a lot of low freqs, drums with a big room reverb, voice sounds like in the big dark tunnel. When all these pieces merging into the whole thing, we can hear this massive noisy sounds. And one thing which I like the most of all – simple arrangement and harmony! Everything is built on one harmony, but it sounds interesting and attractive.

For sure I will wait for the album from the band and will share more music from them with you, if I would have an opportunity.