Gao the Arsonist – A.M. (2019)

Hello, guys!
As usual, I am here with my big cup of hot black tea in the morning, trying to type something thoughtful about one more amazing track.

Here is Gao the Arsonist – experimental hip-hop music producer from London, UK, and his track “A.M.”. I will not talk about the production or technical stuff (’cause for me it sounds great, I like that lo-fi aesthetics), I just want to concentrate on the musical and atmosphere part of the track.

Yes it sounds dirty and a little bit noisy, but that noisyness is very soft and pleasant to my ears. Also it’s perfectly reflecting the deep night atmosphere. Partially depressive, partially apatetic, but still calm and emotionalyl flat. This is how I feel this track. It’s makes me comfort and warm. Try to close your eyes while listening and let your imagination do its work.

P.S: check out the whole album on Spotify, it’s amazing work!