Fallen Roses – Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins) (2019)

Hi there 🙂
It’s Friday again. I don’t know why, but I like Fridays. Even considering that I do not work on a regular work for a long time now (I am a freelancer), but when it’s Friday, I feel some pleasant vibes in the air (especially when new year is coming and it’s still warm outside).

Today I’ve got a very nice track for you guys 🙂 It’s “Crush” by Fallen Roses (downtempo / soul music from Mexico) feat. Hannah Jenkins. It’s exactly what I need at this point. Her voice is so soft and pleasant that I just can’t stop to listen to it round and round again. Also I like that lo-fi hip-hop styled beat, which is grabs me and forcing my head to move. Overall arrangement is very gentle and transparent, but in the same time it has anough of saturation with instruments.

Sometimes I am wondering if I can live without music? And as soon as I imagine it, I’m getting a panic attack. Because I know that the music is one of those things that keeping me positive.