DENSE – Fever Dream (2019)

Are you ready for the heavy music? Today I will try to bring you a particle of noise with help from DENSE band from Leeds, UK.

This is the fresh song called “Fever Dream”, and to be honest, from the very first seconds of the track I understood what is the name about 🙂 Musically it’s some kind of mix of the psychedelic rock, industrial and garage rock. Mix sounds dirty and provoking to turn volume knob higher and higher during the track. I really dig it! Amazing atmosphere and powerful sound.

Also, I noticed that stylistically it’s close to the Killing Joke (btw, one of my favorite bands). It’s not a claim to the band in any case, it’s just my thoughts and feelings about this certain track.

While I prepared this post, I’ve listened to the song on repeat (traditionally for me, to dive into the atmosphere). The sound immersed me into the trance and when I finished, I had only three words in my head – MY SKIN BUUURNS!


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