Arjuna Oakes – The Watcher (2019)

One more day, one more song 😉 Today it’s gonna be a very interesting stuff. There mixed a lot of styles such as jazz, soul, r&b and indie. And together they works in a perfect harmony.

Arjuna Oakes – musician from Auckland, New Zealand. His style ia too vary to put it into one genre tag, so you can hear a lot of sub-genres and shades of musical styles in the song. It starts as a regular indie song with a little drops of soul music, then it becomes more jazzy, after that it goes into the jungle and r&b side, then comes out fusion guitar solo, and, finally, at the very end of the track we can hear fully jazz part.

I don’t know why but in some points I catched myself on a thought that it’s sounds like a mix of John Mayer, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles (for example). And it’s only as a compliment! Well, maybe it’s only my screwed imagination, but this is it.

From the very beginning of the song I started to see the pictures in my head. Seems like I got into a fairy tale and lots and going thru the different scenes with different character in there, but they’re all positive and fun.