Your Friend, Ghost – Story (2019)

One more Monday is here and one more fresh track also here 🙂
First of all I want to say that “Your Friend, Ghost” is not first time here, so you can check previous tracks following links below. Next thing – is about the style. If previous songs was much more indie / alternative, then now here is almost pure hip-hop stuff with good flow and very catchy indie / neo-soul choruses.

This kind of music for me, associated with hot summer days. I can imagine riverside, almost at the sunset, but sun is still gently touching my skin with its rays and water peacefully flows it’s way with nice sounds.

In any case, it’s almost winter now and I can only imagine those pictures in my head, while listening to the music. So, if you’re already miss about the summer, then check out this track and it will help you to move into the summer, at least in your imagination.

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