Usken – The Nest (2019)

It’s Monday, okay, everybody should go somewhere and do something… But I don’t give a fuck. I just want to be on my place and to show fresh wonderful music to all of you. So, let’s dive into it!

As you can see, today here Usken – trip-hop / indie music project from Marseille, France and their track “The Nest”. Btw, I was in Marseille once…very beautiful town. What can I say about this track? Well, everything sounds amazing! I totally love that guitar with tremolo and reverb, original vocal manner, slow beat and synth bass. Yes, yes, I know what you all thinking about – sounds pretty close to Portishead, right? Okay, yes, this certain track sounds like legendary British collective. But it’s not a problem at all! First of all – it’s definitely different and has original vibes. Just check out their other tracks from the album and everything will come to its place.

In any case, I’m in love with this song and it would be great if you’ll also like it and put it into your “sad” playlists.