Marc Summers – HighDemand. (2019)

Good morning.
Just a few of my thoughts… As we know, really good music is not as often stumbled upon as we think about it. But there is two genres that especially rare between tonns of releases – hip-hop and metal stuff. Maybe it’s just a phase. Idk. But today here is very good hip-hop track!

First of all, artist’s name is Marc Summers and he is based in Phoenix, United States. This track has everything should be in a good hip-hop track – good and minimalistic beat, good flow and good lyrics (okay, maybe I have not enough of experience in english to judge the lyrical part, but I’ve read it and I like it).

As usual, my thoughts are over. I’d like to say something more, but this is the point – when music is good, you don’t need to describe it, you just need to listen to it and feel the vibe.