Mantaray – On the Back of Your Hand (2019)

Good morning (or day, whatever).
Sometimes music able to heal, sometimes to freeze the time, sometimes just to help to relax. But in any of these cases, music will always be one of the most important arts of all times. ’cause anything (except the music) can’t be so emotional, so soulful, difficult and simple at the same time.

I’ve already posted this band some time ago (check it following link below). This time guys added some slightly post-rock atmosphere into the mix, which is perfectly fit for my current mood, and actually autumn in general. I am always listening to the song on repeat, while preparing the post for publishing and this time it’s especially difficult to concentrate on the text or my thoughts about music, because every few seconds music taking me and put into the its own dimension.

Honestly, I can’t say something more constructive about this song. Just because it’s really good. When music is good there’s no needs of words. Just try to open your heart and let it into your soul.

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