Low Kick Collective – Halo (2019)

Hi there!
Today I am here to share with you amazing music by Low Kick Collective from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their track “Halo” is a great example of good-old nu jazz (which is usually associated with Red Snapper for me). Since I am not a nu jazz nerd, so I didn’t knew about this band before this track. But now I definitely have one more band of such style which will appear in my head if “nu jazz” tag will be triggered 🙂

There’s a lot of shades of sadness – light, deep, dark, and much more… Actually, everybody can categorize his own sadness by his own feelings. But I have one type which I feel, while listening to the certain kind of music, it’s a flat-gray sadness with a taste of anxiety. This feeling comes in when I am hear track like this one.