I Wish I Was A Punk Band – Slow Regard (live) (2019)

Good morning 🙂
Today I want to represent to you musician, multi instrumentalist from Seattle, United States – Phil Hamilton, and his solo project “I Wish I Was A Punk Band”. He plays the music in styles such as indie / lo-fi rock / bedroom pop.

This song is a very pleasant piece of music, which creates wonderful atmosphere in my room. I really like the way it sounds, especially fact that the song was performed and recorded live! Gentle voice, atmospheric guitar melodies, synth and an electronic drums sounds together and brings my imagination to the location it was recorded.

Here is blockquote by author:

I recorded this in the middle of the forest of the PNW using over 300 feet of extension cables. It was inspired by the Patrick Rothfuss book “The Slow Regard of Silent Things”

In any case, this song will definitely live in my personal playlist for a long time 🙂