FLOCKS – CNX (2019)

Good morning! It’s time for interesting music 🙂
Since I am a musician, I am creating the music with m band. And one of the most interesting parts of creation is the final part, when we are working on detailing (some little pauses, accents, harmony changes, rhytmical modulations). Based on this, I like to listen to the music with the high level of detalisation…

Today here is an experimental band from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States – FLOCKS, and their track entitled “CNX”. In a few words — in one this track much more interesting arrangement hooks than in two albums of modern pop-music.

Drums parts are amazing! With all that syncopations and timewapring parts…delicious! Guitars and melodies changing from jazz to post rock and to ambient, which is also incredible experience for me as for the listener. Overall, thist track is so musically saturated that I can listen to it round and round again and not getting bored at all. Each time I can found some new detail. It’s really incredible stuff!

If you want to know, what is good modern music, then you’re in the right place. Just click “play” and enjoy that vibes with me 🙂