Àbáse – Slow It Down (feat. Emmavie and ScienZe) (2019)

Good morning 🙂
A big cup of hot black tea and opened laptop with a fresh music are the best things for my perfect morning! I hope that you will feel that vibes thru your speakers/headphones.

Today we’re have jazzy / hip-hop vibes of the track entitled “Slow it Down” by Hungarian musician Àbáse, base in Budapest. This certain track was recorded featuring Emmavie and ScienZe. You can hear everything you need to be calm in this song. Beautiful vocal, good flow, interesting beat, light arrangement and incredible ethnic part at the end of the track! It’s all sounds perfect to me. As I usually saying – it’s a perfect example of the good modern music.

Unfortunately, because of my rithual of the listening to the track “on repeat” while preparing the post, I still didn’t listened to other his tracks, but I definitaly will fix this little misunderstanding in the nearest future.