Phase Patterns – Phase One (2019)

We’re in the middle of the week, so somebody still can’t figure out what is going on here, but somebody already living in the future (I mean friday evening for sure). Here is the track for those of you, who still can’t figure out 🙂 Well, just kidding! This track is for everybody. I suppose that far not everyone will dig it, but I recommend to check this out in any case.

Here is the band/project called “Phase Patterns” from Glasgow, United Kingdom, and their track entitled “Phase One” (which meanings other phases in the future, it’s interesting to me). As you all know, I like repetative musical patterns, especially in rock music. This track is built on such patterns. For now, I am listening to it fifth time and I don’t want to stop. It’s hypnotizing me. I hope to hear some new stuff from the band in the near future.