DUETS AND STUFF – Constant Conversation (2019)

Hi there!
For the last few days I am sitting home mostly. Even when I am going out, I am also alone. Maybe I just don’t like people? This is close to the truth actually. In any case, I still have daily music thirst…this is a constant thing.

Here is indie music duo from Uppsala, Sweden – DUETS AND STUFF and their song Constant Conversation. Since I posted their music in 2018, I will not talk about their style. I just will try to describe my feelings about this certain track.

This kind of vocal manner is always associated with summer and the sea shore for me (don’t even know why). Voice is incredibly soft and pleasant btw. Pentatonic-based xylophone melody (which is main leitmotiff of the song), brings some light ethnic colorite and catching the attention. Tbh, I was huming this melody whole day after listening 🙂 Arrangement is transparent and thoughtfull, nothing excess…everything working well together. I really like this song and style in general.

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