Best Mann – Hudson // Holland (2019)

Hello again 🙂
As usual, in the morning time I am here with portion of the good music for your ears and brain. Today here is very interesting indie-rock / art-rock artist from Amherst, United States – Best Mann, and his song “Hudson // Holland”.

It was released today, so it may count like some sort of premiere for my blog. I don’t want to talk about production level etc…because it’s senseless in this case, ’cause it’s just perfect. I rather want to accent your attention on the music nouances. Such as rhytmical modulations every 4 bars. Even for me, as for musician with a huge experience in playing of progressive metal, these are very odd (but not bad at all). Also, the mood and atmosphere of the track. It’s a whole story and a little inner world of emotions and shades of music.

Exactly this song calling up some parallels with the music of Ray LaMontagne’s album “Ouroboros”. I am in love with this song! Beautiful and thoughtfull.