Fossil Collective – Forest (2019)

Hello 🙂
As you may know, I’ve a little bit out of the schedule a few days ago. But I am totally in! Today I will open one more amazing artist. Let’s go!

Here is the band called “Fossil Collective” from Leeds, UK. Their first song for a few years which is called “Forest”. And I should say — this is amazing stuff. Music literally absorbing me while it sounds in my speakers. Though style of the band is described as folk / indie, I hear a lot of post rock and progressive rock influences in there.

Song sounds pretty straight during the whole track, there is no incredibly epic bangs, but arrangement made very carefully, so we all can enjoy some little details and sounds which adding to the composition from time to time. Vocals sounds much more like one more musical instrument than the lead part of the song, but it’s also a wonderful detail which gaves us ability to hear all other part of the track without any efforts.

In any case, if you’re still here and reading all this words, then you definitely should check this out right now and share with friends for sure.