ZEM – Alive (2019)

Hi there!

New week – new thoughts. We’re all going thru the time and can’t even recognize that the time is goes forward so fast! My suggestions to all of you guys – try to stop for a minute every day and think about your life and how you’re spending it.

In the last few years word “indie” become almost outlaw. This word ain’t describe anything, because the genre is so wide. I also don’t like this “tag” a lot, but some artists making the indie music so good that “indie” becomes great again 🙂 Surely, I mean this trio from Sweden, called ZEM.

Recently, guys released their EP entitled “Want U To Know”, which contains all three tracks posted in here: Mama Baba, Won’t Wait and the most fresh one – Alive. If you’re looking for something special to listen to, then I recommend ZEM to you.


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