Tabard – Garden Palace (2019)

Hi folks! How you doing? Hope everything is great 🙂

The climate of the western Ukraine (where I’m from) is terrible. Whole spring was 10 celsius as a max and at the very end of May – BOOM and I am sitting almost naked in front of my laptop to share some new tunes with you.

As I said many times before, I like ambient music a lot. But in some reason, it’s rare thing here on my blog. Some people may say: “Pfff…what is an ambient music? Just a random noises and long pad notes in a veeery slow tempo. I also can make an ambient music!”. My answer will be – NO, NO and one more NO!

Harmony, atmosphere, mood, right sounds and this is far away from the full list of things needed to create really good ambient music. Ambient, as any other kind of music has it’s own details and nouances. So, if you just don’t like it – come tomorrow 🙂