Bollard – On & on (2019)

Hey-hey! How you doing? 🙂

I’ve seen the traditional ukrainian wedding today. Tbh, not the first time, but you know what? Today I finally made sure that the wedding is one of the most stupid and senseless things people made ever! But while in my speakers playing good music – I am in safety. I just closed the window and turn the music louder.

This song a little bit reminds me Soul Auctioneer by Death In Vegas, but only in a good way. I mean the overall atmosphere. Really interesting stuff. Good performed and produced, with no questions. Quote for their bio: “Bollard have spent the last two years developing a distinctive sound that blends heavy guitar work with subtle melodic structures.” And I can prove it.

This band is not famous at this point, but I feel a huge potential there. Good luck, guys!