Jesse Woolston — µstructure (2018)

Hi there!
It’s cloudy sunday and I want to be in the same vibrance as the world around me. When I am listening to this track, my inner fears trying to catch me, but I am not available in their dimansion and they just flying around me hoping to find a crack in my defend. I know, that they always was there and, probably, always will. Fuck it!
This track including all thing I love in electronic music:
– ambient intro and outro;
– minimalistic and interesting beat;
– weird sounds (but not too weird);
– beautiful melody;
– monotonic harmony (everything around one note).
I really love it and it will be in my playlist a long itme for sure. Hope you like it too.
Jesse Woolstonelectronic / experimental / minimal music artist from New Zealand.

Jesse Woolston artwork Jesse Woolston on the web:

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