Hat & Boots — Ghost (2018)

Good morning!
The first day of the new week starting from the track that, in my opinion, perfectly fit for the saturday evening for example. When I am listening to this song, I forgetting about the job or some other routine and dive deep into my thoughts (sometimes melancholic, but so sweet).
What can I say about this music? I don’t know. It has its own and unique atmosphere and fragile structure. Timbre of the voice is also very pleasant (at least for me). Harmony and melody is simple but deep in the same time. If it’s not enough for you, then you can listen to the lyrics.
There is no experiemnts with sounds or mixing and mastering work, it’s just good music for your ears and brain. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of devices or ultra-super-duper-modern sounds (in case when you’re talanted musician), to say something important and create a real magic from the sounds.
Have a nice week and…
Hat & Bootsfolk / acoustic / indie-rock music artist from Woodbury, United States.

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