CONS — Our Secret Language (2018)

Good morning 🙂
Actually, this track better fits for the monday morning (when you don’t want to wake up, struggling with it, getting win and going to job…but wanting to kill someone).
I getting a bunch of music for my blog every day there is a lot of good stuff, a lot of bad stuff, but the most strange thing is – that there almost no good metal music! Today – my little personal holiday, I’ve got really good metal stuff straight from Arizona. Everything in it’s right place: fast and technical drums, crazy guitar riffs, almost satanic vocals and massive portion of energy! Do you want to get the true musical energy? Are you, fu*king ready? Okay, let’s go (try not to headbang 🙂!
CONSmelodic hardcore / math metal band from Tucson, Arizona, US.

CONS artwork CONS on the web:

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