ilt — Monochromatic Fields (2018)

Hi there! I’m back 🙂
After a little pause I want to introduce to you this great band from Denmark.
This track from the very first sounds show us some grayscale world, where people and whole world around them moving by stop-frames…maybe raining but not too sad, sometimes that people see the sunlight thru the little clearance between the gray clouds.
And a little bit about the music itself.
Rhytmical base is very simple but don’t think that the track is simple too. There is very atmospheric melody of the guitar and piano, simple but deep bass, amazing vocal and saxophone solo (I love it).
So, if you want to feel a little bit of sadness in this spring day, here is good chance 🙂
iltpost-rock / shoegaze music band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

ilt artwork ilt on the web:

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