CARDS — Everest (2018)

Hi people.
Yesterday’s evening was not a very good for me. Actually, the last few years I am living in a stress and with a lot of problems…anyway, I still love to play the music and to listen to the good music and it’s supporting me during the bad times.
A few words about this particular song. Carefree melody with interesting vocal and good (but very simple in the same time) instrumental part. Usually songs like this one making me feel balance between the world and myself. Actually, this certain song is not an exception from the rule 🙂
I can be angry or depressed and with one dream – not to see the people around me (I think, everyone had similar feeling). But when I put on my headphones, that feeling disappearing and my little world holding me gently.
CARDSindie / indie-pop music artist from Los Angeles, US.

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