Nicolas de Zorzi — Introjection (2016)

I am listening to this track (very good track, by the way) and a lot of thoughts are crawling in my head. Here is some of them.
While sunday is almost here (actually already here, but as I am still not in the bed…it’s almost), saturday slowly goes away…I am feel that I am alone in the whole world in this small room. I know, that in the morning I may change my mind, but now this is a fact.
You know, that feeling, when you lose something very important…actually, a part of yourself once again, but there is no tears, no anger, no hystery…just this hollow body and your thought inside of it. That’s all.
So, what I mean by all this words? This track perfectly reflecting my state at this poin of my life. Devastation, weakness, silence.
Hope you’ll enjoy it.
Good night.
Nicolas de Zorzielectronic / trip-hop / dub music artist from Lille, France.

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