Lisofv — Into The Hole (2018)

Yep, it’s me again 🙂 I’ve got a little bit more music today than usual.
To be honest, I seldom hear the music from the Corea, but this one is very nice as for me. The whole composition built around one melody (synth marimba…or something like that). But there is enough of dynamics in the track, so you’ll not get bored until the end of the track. By the way, usually I don’t like the violins in the electronic tracks, but here it’s very organically and in the right place in the mix.
This track has some kind of magnetic field and attract the listener into it’s own world.
Less words, more music…enjoy!
Lisofvelectronic / chillout music artist from Republic of Corea.

Lisofv artwork Lisofv on the web:

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