Kid Coyote — Riverbed (2018)

Hello everyone!
Here is a little story.
It was a few years ago (summer 2016 to be precise). I was broken. My life went to hell and I thought that this is the end…and the sun will never be that bright for me. Don’t want to describe everything in details. Just believe me 🙂
But I found one magical mixture. It was song entitled “Full moon rising” by Kid Coyote. I just listened it over and over again…and every note of that song made me stronger and helped me to back into my life. So this song (and this band at all) is very special for me.
Today I want to represent to you another great song by Kid Coyote — Riverbed.
Magical song. Actually, I strongly recommend to you to listen all their songs.
Anyway, it’s time to listen to the music.
Enjoy 🙂
Kid Coyoteindie / pop / soft-rock music band from Boston, US.

Kid Coyote artwork Kid Coyote on the web:

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