DGTL CLR — Unforgettable (2018)

Hi folks!
Some things in our life are unforgettable…
First thing that I did when listened this song first time was “turn on repeat” 🙂
Usually I don’t like to listen one track on repeat, but this one mesmerizing me and I want to listen it again and again.
That “space” synths from the early 90’s only makes this track much tasty.
From 02:14 I’ve felt the taste of Depeche Mode (I mean harmony of the vocal and music) and this is one more little bonus of this song. Yes, I know, that the voice and music totally different, but as I said before — it’s in harmony.
I’ve finished 🙂
DGTL CLRelectronic / downtempo music project from Los Angeles, US.

DGTL CLR artwork DGTL CLR on the web:

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