Bmbu — cloud city (2018)

Good morning!
It’s saturday and this means that everybody needs some relax, right?
Okay, you’re in the right way…a few more words and you will get it 🙂
There is not a lot of dynamics, no a lot of instruments…just a few things to keep your mood going. A little bit syncoped beat (as a classics of hip-hop), subby bass (to make sound fat), electric piano (to add chord progression) and sax (or whatever) solo, far away in the mix (to add a little bit of sadness).
This is the recipe of this good intrumental hip-hop track and your good mood.
By the way, you can listen much more on Soundcloud or Bandcamp page (links below).
Have a good weekend 🙂
Bmbuhip-hop / instrumental / beats music artist from Philadelphia, US.

Bmbu artwork Bmbu on the web:

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