Barstool Astronaut — Monochrome (EP 2014)

Hello! Just want to share super cool music with you!
Barstool Astronautambient / electronic /instrumental / idm is a music artist named Michael L. Schneider from Los Angeles, CA.
A Barstool Astronaut sits at a bar thinking of all the things he will one day accomplish, but he never even attempts those many things because his days are spent dreaming upon a stool. The name is a parody of the entertainment world and all its many distractions. It’s also a tribute to removing those distractions and reclaiming our self-imposed theft of time.
So far the music here is made from one man, Michael L. Schneider, a reformed time-thief who learned his way along these unkempt roads by drumming in various bands, performing in dive bars to music halls for over 17 years. The project was started in 2011 as a way to document beats and piano melodies, and has grown to what you hear here today in the “Monochrome EP.”

Barstool Astronaut artwork Barstool Astronaut on the web:
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such a clever name – i love that metaphor – sometimes dreaming is more fun than living! anyway, beautiful music – a solid EP with a lot of melodic/rhythmic integrity

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