Bad Blocks — Circulate (EP 2014)

Hi mates!
Bad Blockselectronic /dream-pop / experimental beats / chill / new age / ambient / dance an electronic two-piece collaboration of Daniel Neeve and Hamish Lang from Wellington, New Zealand.
In IT, “bad blocks” are digital corruptions that render information unreadable and unwritable. For Hamish Lang (26, production) and Daniel Neeve (26, vocals, guitars, production), Bad Blocks render music that is at once familiar and yet quietly corrupted. As a two-piece electronic band, these New Zealand natives (currently residing in Melbourne, Australia) have a passion for sound, from the cold precision of drum loops to the warm hiss of analogue feedback. Think 80s and R&B for melody; Kendrick Lamar and Lapalux for beats; Celer and Arvo Pärt for space; William Basinski and Tim Hecker for deconstruction; and Clams Casino and Jon Hopkins for production.

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