Babalong — #2 (2014)

Hey everyone!
I want to represent to you this great band — Babalong.
Babalongexperimental / electronic / alternative band from Netherlands.
I think, that it’s one of the best bands, that I heard at last time.
Their style is a little bit similar to music like Radiohead, The Pineapple Thief etc…
In the song called Alchemy I even found sounds like Isis. But it’s not because they stole music style! 🙂 This guys is absolutely original with their style of music.
I even can’t listen every song 1 time, I want to do it again and again and everytime I found some new harmonies and sounds. It’s really awesome stuff!
FM blog strongly recommend this band to listen!

Babalong - #2 artwork Babalong on the web:
Official site

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