Robert Rich — Calling Down The Sky (2004)

Night — good time for erasing traces of the hard day.
And today I want to introduce to you — Robert Rich.
Robert Richambient / dark ambient musician from San Francisco (US).
He made more then 30 albums of perfect ambient music. By the way, recently I told you about LUSTMORD (in article about Dead Factory), so LUSTMORD and Robert Rich was first dark ambient artists that I heard. They made an indelible impression to me.
Robert Rich is one of my favorite ambient / dark ambient musicians, and it is not surprising, because he really one of “fathers” of dark ambient music in the world (together with LUSTMORD).
I know, a lot of people think, that I am “sick” and tells me: “how you can listen this shit? There is no music, only noise and sound effects!”, but I love this style of music and I can only sympathize with those who have not heard this wonderful music. They lost a lot.
And now, it’s time to relaxing.
Click “play” and enjoy.

Robert Rich - Calling Down The Sky artwork Robert Rich on the web:
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