Eddie Vedder — Into The WIld OST (2007)

Good morning world!
Sunday’s morning is time for kindly music.
Firstly I want you to know about one movie. This movie called “Into The WIld” and I strongly recommend you — watch it (if you don’t seen it before)! And it’s not only because of music, the movie is a great story.
Eddie Vedder — singer/songwriter from USA, better known as vocalist of legendary grunge band Pearl Jam.
He write music for this movie, and when I watched it and heard this beautiful music, tears rolled from my eyes. It was so touching.
Listen to the music, then find movie and watch it.
You have my word, you will not remain indifferent!
Have a nice day!

Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild OST artwork Eddie Vedder on the web:
Official Pearl Jam site

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